Turn simple json...

{ "body": [ { "image": { "url": "images/logo.png", "alt": "This is my logo" } }, { "smallHeading": { "text": "Hi there Bob," } }, { "paragraph": { "text": "Thank you for using Json2Email!" } }, { "paragraph": { "text": "A few things to remember:" } }, { "ol": [ { "string": "You rock!" }, { "string": "Go outside." } ] }, { "button": { "text": "Confirm e-mail address", "url": "https:/example.com/confirm?token=123" } } ], "footer": [ { "paragraph": { "text": "Yes, this is a footer text" } } ] }

...into a responsive e-mail

Post json -> Get html -> Done

Calling the API is simple:

curl -X POST \ https://json2email.com/api/v1/emails \ -H 'authorization: Bearer MyApiToken' \ -H 'cache-control: no-cache' \ -H 'content-type: application/json' \ -d '{ "body": [ { "paragraph": { "text": "Sample text" } } ] }'

Json2Email is a simple html e-mail generation API for developers.

Stop wasting time with nested html tables and inline css. Let Json2Email do the heavy lifting.

Json2Email is free for open-source developers.
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Stop the madness, go home early

Building responsive html e-mails with nested tables and inline css is a pain. Break the copy-paste-check-tweak-go-insane-cycle with Json2Email.

A simple json POST request to the API returns the html for a fully responsive e-mail. Fast and headache free.

Deliver the returned html through your own systems or any 3rd party like Amazon SES, SendGrid, etc, or use it any other way you like.

Generate any type of e-mail

Use Json2Email to easily create welcome e-mails, password reset instructions, order confirmations, customized digests, simple mailings, social updates, e-mail address confirmations, or any other type of e-mail your system requires.

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Don't settle for plain e-mails

Proper transactional e-mails add that extra bit of class to your app and unless you are working on some high budget project most developers default to plain text. Html e-mails are just too much hassle to setup and maintain manually. Up your e-mail game with Json2Email.

Get peace of mind

We make sure all e-mail templates stay up-to-date with all major e-mail clients and general best practices. These updates require zero code changes on your end as all this is abstracted away behind our json format, which never changes.

Connect to no-code platforms

Json2Email is a great companion to no-code application platforms like BettyBlocks, Mendix, OutSystems and others. These systems allow citizen developers to connect to any 3rd party REST API, including Json2Email.


Save hours a week for a buck a day

€ 0 p/m

  • 250 api calls p/m
  • for testing, prototyping and small projects

€ 29 p/m

  • 10.000 api calls p/m
  • Premium templates (coming soon)
  • No Json2Mail branding
  • for indie developers, multiple client projects and mid-size app's

€ 99 p/m

  • 100.000 api calls p/m
  • Premium templates (coming soon)
  • No Json2Mail branding
  • sometimes you just need more

€ 0 p/m

  • Fair-use api calls p/m
  • Premium templates (coming soon)
  • for open-source developers

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Thank you

A special thanks to Lee Munroe for providing the base e-mail template with which we build and tested our generation engine.